Town Bank to Stone Harbor

Map of route.
  • Start at Whaler's Cove on Beach Drive in Town Bank
  • Go South on Beach Drive into Douglass Park to the Cape May Canal
  • Go North to Lincoln Blvd and turn right
  • Keep going to traffic light and turn right on Bayshore Road
  • Stay with the road which becomes Jonathan Hoffman Road and parallels the canal
  • Bear right onto Seashore Road and up over the West Cape May bridge
  • Continue to Cape May
  • Pass Daniel's Restaurant on the right and proceed to Beach Drive at the Ocean
  • Turn right on Beach Drive and ride to the cove
  • If it's earlier than 10 AM, you can ride the Promenade; otherwise head East on Beach Drive to the end at Poverty Beach
  • Turn left and explore the development of East Cape May
  • Work your way back to Pittsburgh Avenue and turn right heading out of town
  • Pass by the Coast Guard Base and turn right at the Fisherman's Memorial sign
  • Ride back out to Pittsburgh Avenue and turn right
  • Follow the road as it turns right at Washington Street and again at Lafayette Street and crosses the little bridge over Cape Island Creek; you are near South Jersey Marina and should see lots of boats on either side
  • Go over the bridge across the Cape May Canal
  • Turn right onto Ocean Drive at the base of the bridge
Map of route.
  • Ride by the Canyon Club on the right
  • Continue past Aqua Trails at McDuell's Marina (you can get a crab lunch in season)
  • Cross the toll bridge (do not pay a toll)
  • Continue into Wildwood Crest
  • Turn right at the traffic light at E. Rochester Avenue
  • Turn left at Atlantic Avenue (closest to beach)
  • Turn right at Farragut Road and left at Ocean Avenue
  • Get on the bike trail at its start at the bike shop
  • Continue to the boardwalk
  • You can ride the boardwalk until 11 AM in the summer season
  • If you're not riding the boardwalk, ride on the streets closest to it
  • Follow the bend of the island at the end of North Wildwood
  • Get on New Jersey Avenue heading toward the North Wildwood bridge
  • Turn right toward Stone Harbor on Ocean Drive
  • Go over the toll bridge without paying a toll
  • Enter Stone Harbor
  • Turn around and backtrack
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